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 Piping, Drumming & Dance 

 Piping Program 

Young pipers begin on a practice chanter (similar to a recorder) and work their way up to full pipes. Pipers meet from 7-8pm on Monday nights

  Drumming Program   

Drum students can learn to play snare, tenor, or bass drum. Drummers meet from 7-8pm on Monday nights

 Dance Program  

Dancers as young as 4 can begin learning basic dance steps and can begin competing at Highland Games almost immediately. Dancers meet 6-7pm on Monday nights. It is possible to dance and play an instrument for our band. 

 Church of the Ascension 

CYPB rehearses Monday nights at Church of the Ascension, 6th & Gilpin in Denver. Contact info@cypb.net to let us know when you'd like to visit and check us out!