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Join the Band 


The Colorado Youth Pipe Band is open to all youth interested in learning bagpiping, drumming (tenor drum, snare drum or bass drum) and/or Highland dance. 


Typically, members are between 6 through 18 years old but some students have started younger. No prior musical or dance experience is necessary and interested youth can start taking lessons at any time. 


Experienced instructors provide individual and/or group lessons on a weekly basis. Bagpipers, drummers and dancers all play a key role in the band – so students can learn an instrument AND dance at no extra tuition expense.

Families love participating in the band! All instruction is "multi-aged" meaning kids of different ages learn at the same time in the same class. (Parents don't have to make multiple trips to band practice for kids of different ages.)  Additionally, kids can participate in piping or drumming instruction and learn to Highland Dance at no extra cost. Finally, the band offers a discount to families with more than two children. 

Not sure yet? Come to band practice on a Monday night and try it out. Meet the band families, music and dance instructors and the other band members. Your first four lessons are free! 

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