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Band Structure 

The Colorado Youth Pipe Band teaches the traditions of Highland bagpipes, drums, and dance to youth. We foster appreciation, skill, leadership, pride, and camaraderie through performance and competition. 



The Colorado Youth Pipe Band (CYPB)  is structured as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and  governed by a 5-member board of volunteers and the band director. Each board member serves 2-year terms. The CYPB board members are dedicated to making consensus-based, transparent and ethical decisions that are in the best interest of the current and future organization.  The board's decisions are guided by the organization's bylaws which are reviewed and revised regularly. 


Thanks to our Volunteer Board of Directors:

Kim Abbate, Steven Bell, Lisa Dorris, Carrie McConnell, DarLin Palmer and Jamie Cuthill! 

The band quartermaster is a volunteer who manages the inventory of the band-owned instruments and uniforms.  Thanks to our  Volunteer Quartermaster: 

Gillie Bishop!

Thanks to our wonderful band families who create a kind and supportive community! 

Thanks to our fabulous instructors who make learning rewarding and fun! 


There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer and get involved with the band. Let us know if you'd like to help. 

Colorado Youth Pipe Band playing in Estes
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